Thursday, February 10, 2011

Angkor Wat February 9, 2011

Ta Prohm Temple was used in one of the “Indiana Jones” movies. The tour guide told us the main attraction here is not so much the temple as the trees that show how the jungle took over this 12th Century temple that was only re-discovered in the last 100 years and, like the others, is being restored. (pictured below)

On the approach to Angkor Wat we were greeted by monkeys. (below)

Images from Angkor Wat, the most famous of all the temples. (below)

We visited Vietnamese immigrants to Cambodia who live on Tonle Sap, a massive lake in the middle of Cambodia. It takes 7 hours to cross by boat and in the middle, for 3 of those hours, one cannot see the shore. These Vietnamese immigrants cannot find work in Vietnam, they have no political standing on the shore in Cambodia. So they live on the water and eek out a living on fishing. They are very poor and we took them some food. About half of the tour group participated in this charitable gesture. (below)

Bayon Temple is known for all its faces of deities, each with a different expression.(below)

We climbed atop Bakong Temple with hundreds of others to take in the sunset. (below)

We concluded the day at a popular tourist restaurant that holds 1000 people. There was a show featuring traditional Cambodian music and dance. (below)

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